Innovative Self-service Kiosk Solution

At Mckiosk, we provide interactive self-service kiosk solutions to groceries, dispensaries as well as entertainment venues. Our goal is to help you enhance the customer experience and drive loyalty with increased order accuracy and minimized wait times. With a full line of application-specific integrations and configurations, we can customize the self-checkout devices to meet your specific needs.

Our cutting-edge and fully integrated kiosk solutions will allow your customers to place orders and make payments on easy-to-use, interactive computer terminals without the assistance of a staff member. It will speed up transactions and free up your staff to handle higher-level tasks. Implementing self-ordering can also increase the average order value for your retail store. For further details, please feel free to contact us.

How It Works

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    Order Placing

    Customers use a touchscreen to browse through the digital menu on the kiosk, explore purchase options at their own pace, select the items they want, and place their orders. They can pay for the order using one of the available payment methods. Businesses can choose to display recommended products to their customers.

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    Order is Received at The POS System

    The kiosk is synced with the retail POS system. Once the customer places an order, it will be sent to the point-of-sale system. Your staff will be notified when an order enters the POS system.

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    Order Fulfillment

    Staff members will start preparing the order. Once the order is fulfilled, the customer can come and collect the order from the counter.

Benefits of Self-service Kiosks

Using self-service ordering kiosks in your retail store has plenty of advantages. The best thing is that it makes the ordering process smooth and efficient for customers. Find the major advantages of implementing self-service ordering kiosks below.


Self-service kiosks are easy to use. Customers can select the items they want and place their orders quickly and conveniently.


With self-ordering kiosks, you can push targeted upsell prompts as customers are selecting the items and customizing their orders.


Self-service ordering kiosks help speed up the ordering process, reducing queue and wait times. It improves customer satisfaction.

Reduced Cost

Self-service kiosks help decrease your reliance on staff. Thus, it can reduce your labor costs while enhancing the customer experience.

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