Self-Checkout Kiosks We Offer

Contact us for advanced Self-Checkout Kiosks in your retail shop. The extensive range of Self-Checkout Kiosks we offer are:

Cashless Self-Checkout Kiosks

Going cashless means customers can expect less waiting in line, faster transactions for customers, user friendly, and people will feel less nervous.

Cash-Based Self-Checkout Systems

We also have cash-based self-checkout systems where you can make payments in cash while placing orders for your preferred products.

Thus, our self-checkout kiosks are more of an ordering system where you first pay to place an order. It is not a scan, pay, and go machine. Self-service kiosks let your customers place orders on easy-to-use touchscreens. It speeds up the transactions and frees up your staff. These self-checkout systems promote a noticeable increase in average cart size. Therefore, if you are ready to boost your sale, maximize your business money and limit the outlay, opt for self-checkout kiosks.

Perfect solution for Restaurants NOW

Self-Check-out Solution – Optimizing Customer Experience

Want to optimize your customer check-outs? Willing to improve the retail experiences? If yes then it is time to switch to self-check-out kiosk solutions! At Mckiosk, we will offer you a tailored solution in your retail store depending on the order or cart size.

With its help, you can give your customers the control they want. Our innovative self-checkout solutions deliver faster and better service.

  • Increase In Transactional Velocity
  • Larger Average Order Size
  • Reduced Average Wait Times
  • Decreased Reliance on Staff

Easy Three-Step Ordering Process That Your Customers Will Find Convenient

Technologies for
Today’s Retail Marketplace

No matter big or small – our device assures the flexibility that supports your business objectives as well as the retail environment. Our self-check-out devices are available with a wide range of configurations and options. And these are fully customizable!

These ensure proven performance and offer reliability with a range of cutting-edge and fully integrated kiosk solutions. The game-changing software and hardware technologies help you deliver operational efficiencies while serving more guests faster and reinforcing unparalleled upsell opportunities. Contact us to know more.

Enhancing the Customer Experience at Retail

Our in-depth knowledge of the Fast Casual industry allows us to take our expertise to the next level. Thus, we provide cutting-edge kiosk solutions to groceries as well as entertainment venues.

Our customizable technological solutions, extensive range of kiosks, and global support infrastructure make us a trusted brand in the industry

Specializing In Retail Services
We Do Self Check-Out For All

The best feature of these self-check-out kiosks is that the technological features can be tailored. In-store digital software includes TV menus, self-service ordering, and interactive kiosks for serving your customers better. No need to invest more in staff. Let the machine do the job. This is not only suitable for big corporations. But we are bringing convenience to everyone.

Our Pricing

We always prioritize customer satisfaction and that is why we keep the deal fully transparent. We will offer you the fairest price in the business with no hidden costs included. What is more, we will offer exciting discounts! Take a look at our pricing features right below.

Price per unit

  • Per location, per month costs, per units
  • 0-3 customer locations - $300.00
  • 4-7 customer locations $275.00
  • 8 or more customer locations - $250.00
  • If a business has over 15 terminals, the cost per terminal is $200

$300 / month


  • Terminal Surcharge: $3.00
  • Low surcharge
  • Flat Rate
  • Different Options

Surcharge of the terminal: $3.00


  • 0-225 transactions per month – 0% discount on cost per unit
  • 226-450 transactions per month – 25% discount on cost per unit
  • 451-675 transactions per month – 50% discount on cost per unit
  • 676-900 transactions per month – 70% discount on cost per unit
  • 900 or more transactions per month – 100% discount on cost per unit

(Surcharge gross discounts: if terminals produce)

Up to 100% / month

Our pricing is different for each business depending on your business scale, unique needs, as well as goals. We never take a one-size-fits-all approach. The pricing includes per location cost, per month cost, per unit cost, the business complexity, etc. Our consultants work closely with every client to create the perfect plan that complements their business needs and visions. We offer all the required support so you get total peace of mind. Contact us today to get a quote.

Let the machine

Work for you

In the decade of advanced computing, we let machines do the work.

This innovative service is not for big corporations only. We are bringing this to everyone. SELF CHECK-OUT!!!!

Here is How the Self Checkout Machine Works

With Self-service kiosks, your customer can place orders on easy-to-use touchscreens. This not only speeds up the transactions but also frees up your staff. If you are wondering how this machine works, here are the compact steps:

Browsing The Menu

Customers go through your entire product menu, see recommended products, and fill their shopping bag

Pay & Placing An Order

After they are done choosing their required items, customers make the payment and place an order.

Order Is Sent

Your staff will get notified once the customer’s order enters your point-of-sale system. The item/s will be packed.

Transaction Is Finished

Once the order is fulfilled, you’ll meet the customer at the counter and give them their ordered products.

Features That Increase Profits & Decrease Staffing Costs

Our self-checkout kiosks are specifically designed for in-store use to give store operators more control over the shopping environment while connecting the customers to products they want to purchase. The self-service ordering enables your staff to invest more energy in guiding your customers as well as driving sales. Side by side, your customers “fill their bag” with no assistance required for shopping!

Digital menus make the shopping way smoother for your customers. At Mckiosk, our interactive kiosks let your customers go through your products, find their favorite brands and items, and look up details. Additionally, we consult with your team to customize the branding, functionality, and hardware configuration, to help you achieve your retail goals.

Client’s Testimonials

We have been serving the clients in Thornton CO for over years and we take pride in our extensive list of satisfied clients all across this place. Take a look at the following reviews from some of our happy clients:

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