Mckiosk - Creating a Perfect Self-Service Experience

With our self-checkout systems, you can offer a better shopping experience to your customers while you will get better control of your business as well. With Mckiosk’s versatile and modular product offerings, your business can create innovative and adaptable solutions to meet the consumers’ changing needs. These digital applications have proven benefits. Our self-checkout machines’ in-store digital software includes TV menus, self-service ordering, as well as interactive programming built for various stores including dispensaries.

Self Service

Your customers can order products safely, quickly, and privately. It increases transactional velocity and average cart sizes.

Menu Signage

Easy-to-read digital signage will influence customer behavior. The product menus can be customized for your branding.

Increased Loyalty

It will increase customer flow and store loyalty among customers. It reveals demand sooner, allows faster fulfillment, and higher customer satisfaction.

Lower Staffing Costs

Self-service kiosks deliver fast service, apt orders, better experiences, and increased profits reducing staffing costs considerably.

Focus On Customers, Improved Operations, Increased Profit

Installing a self-checkout machine in your store or dispensary will increase throughput and transaction size during peak hours while reducing queue and waiting times. Side by side, your employees will be freed up for handling other higher-level tasks and improving customer service.

Mckiosk self-service systems optimize transaction flow. It lets you better focus on customers. Consumers will have a more relaxing and enjoyable experience with self-serve kiosks. They can easily and comfortably super size and customize their orders. And consequently, it will increase profit because there will be a typical lift of 20-25% per order, unlike the traditional POS verbal ordering. Also, it will grow 30% higher average typical ticket over mobile apps and promote higher margin items. However, remember that Mckiosk self-checkout systems are not scan-and-go machines. These are more of a pay-and-order system. Contact us to get a quote today.

Self-Service Kiosk Solutions For Everyday Use

Are you looking for a fully built self-service kiosk solution for your store or dispensary? Mckiosk can facilitate that. We have trusted partners across the industry. Right from kiosk manufacturers, and ISVs to payment integrators and VARs: we can help you create your custom self-service kiosk solution for your store and dispensary. From us, you will get an affordable custom solution that will save you a lot of money in the long run.

It will be a compact and smart checkout experience that drives loyalty. It will improve the customer experience with minimized wait times and increased order accuracy. Our systems offer an interactive platform where there will be attractive and descriptive visuals and many options. Contact us to know more.


Personalized Menu Items And Price Checker

With self-service kiosks, you can delight your loyal members with personalized menu items. There will be complimentary add-ons and great offers to keep them coming back for more. The price checker is another feature that will make selling products way easier for you. Here you can easily deploy a price checking experience.

It will help you create an engaging visitor experience. These systems will provide visitors with assistance, as well as entertainment making it easy to check in, contact staff, or navigate all the amenities. Call us to know more or to get a quote.

Fully Customizable And Manageable

Dispensary digital signage and dispensary TV menu are convenient features. Menu solutions are the easiest way to display your product menu. Our easy-to-read TV menus can be personalized as per your needs. Just tell us what products and promotions you want on each screen. We will make customizations accordingly without any ads!

Furthermore, we will help you determine the best configuration for TV screens for your retail space and dispensary. Let us get in touch.

Choose How And What To Display

When it comes to customizing your dispensary flow, TV menus can be oriented vertically, or horizontally, or you can also choose a combination of both. For the playlists, you can create your own playlists where you can incorporate product lists, custom graphics, and/or suitable videos. We can help you strategically use the screens to encourage customer behavior toward the products/brands. Call us to get a quote.


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