Our Pricing

We always prioritize customer satisfaction and that is why we keep the deal fully transparent. We will offer you the fairest price in the business with no hidden costs included. What is more, we will offer exciting discounts! Take a look at our pricing features right below.

Price per unit

  • Per location, per month costs, per units
  • 0-3 customer locations - $300.00
  • 4-7 customer locations $275.00
  • 8 or more customer locations - $250.00
  • If a business has over 15 terminals, the cost per terminal is $200

$300 / month


  • Terminal Surcharge: $3.00
  • Low surcharge
  • Flat Rate
  • Different Options

Surcharge of the terminal: $3.00


  • 0-225 transactions per month – 0% discount on cost per unit
  • 226-450 transactions per month – 25% discount on cost per unit
  • 451-675 transactions per month – 50% discount on cost per unit
  • 676-900 transactions per month – 70% discount on cost per unit
  • 900 or more transactions per month – 100% discount on cost per unit

(Surcharge gross discounts: if terminals produce)

Up to 100% / month

Our pricing is different for each business depending on your business scale, unique needs, as well as goals. We never take a one-size-fits-all approach. The pricing includes per location cost, per month cost, per unit cost, the business complexity, etc. Our consultants work closely with every client to create the perfect plan that complements their business needs and visions. We offer all the required support so you get total peace of mind. Contact us today to get a quote.

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